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Agosto 2019

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Maggio 2019

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Maggio – agosto 2018

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Giugno – luglio 2017

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Dicembre 2015

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Gennaio 2015

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Settembre 2014

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Settembre 2013

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Agosto 2012

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Biographical notes

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Artist and architect originally from Calabria, Antonio Ferràgina  received his first teaching of painting, when still in his youth, at the studio of his uncle Salvatore, established Crotonese artist, and this experience signalled his first precious artistic production which resulted from a strong influence of his uncle’s example.

Later on, during his architectural and history of art studies , carried out in Florence, made a permanent mark in the way of his formation and artistic experience.  From 1993 Ferragina lives and works in Montepulciano, in the province of Siena.

For many years his paintings have continued to evolve according to different and various modes, but he always remains inscribe in the context of contemporary representative art.

Only in more recent years, the master has progressively abandoned the expressionism of the beginning and dedicated himself to the research of an expressive maturity that pushes towards a representation of art closer to reality, to a naturalistic description and to the care for detail.

However, the accession to realistic tradition does not finish in itself: it is about an instrumental choice that responds to the need of the artist to achieve greater exposition clarity.

For Ferragina art assumes an almost therapeutic function: the painting, more than a means for the representation of the real, becomes a lens with which to explore one’s own interior world, as witnessed in the frequent neo-symbolism variations and the contamination of the dreamlike character that distinguishes any of his works.

Everything comes, however, expertly exposed with levity and with a pleasant irony that gives life to a peculiar stylistic stamp by our author.

It is years in which the master intersects his own participation in exhibition and art events and realized a personal cycle in Montepulciano and other Tuscan centres know and appreciated by the public, his new artistic production, increasing the number of his works that are part of private collections in Italy and abroad.

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